Forest Park Recording Studio

Photos by Sara Deganis

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Tracking room in Queens open for business. Ideal for small groups with emphasis on live drums and guitars. Perfect for voice-over.
Professional with personal touch, easygoing, affordable. 5 minutes walk from J train 85 St/Forest Parkway stop.
Flexible rates. Book your studio time now -> CLIQUE HERE!

    Canopus R.F.M. maple drums
  • Bass drums: 15x12"; 18x14"; 22x15"
  • Toms: 10x7"; 12x8"
  • Floor Toms: 13x12"; 15x14"
  • Canopus hammered brass snare drum 14x5.5"

All Remo heads, clear Ambassador bottoms, choice of Emperor or Ambassador on top toms, Power Stroke 3 coated on bass drums.

  1. Vintage Zildjian K 14" hats
  2. Vintage Zildjian A 22" ride
  3. Sabian AA 8" splash
  4. Sabian Radia Nano 9" hats
  5. Sabian AAX O-zone 10" splash
  6. Sabian HHX Prototype O-zone 10" splash
  7. Sabian HHX Legacy 14" hats with Prototype bottom (multiple holes)
  8. Sabian Artisan 14" hats
  9. Sabian 16" HHX Studio crash
  10. Sabian 16" HHX O-zone Evolution crash
  11. Sabian 16" Artisan crash
  12. Sabian 18" HHX Legacy crash
  13. Sabian 18" HHX O-zone Evolution crash
  14. Sabian 18" HHX Evolution crash
  15. Sabian 18" Artisan crash
  16. Sabian 20" HHX Legacy O-zone ride