(...) On Afro-Polka, Maciek lays down an amazing array of grooves and melodies and musical worlds reminiscent of Hermeto Pascoal, Joe Zawinul, and even of Frank Zappa. He has a strong command of a wide range of colors and ideas and he makes them his own, not being held back by convention or by the business of making music. He takes the listener on a very personal journey that could only be an expression of his own travels and discoveries. After listening to this recording one has a pretty good idea of how, where and when Maciek has lived, loved, traveled and played throughout his life, with dedication, reverence, love and an open mind. (...)
      — Sean Conly

© Afro-Polka Productions - 2018

Crack Off, preview

Sick Amore, preview

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Tony Cedras
vocals · Guitar · accordion

Maciek Schejbal
drums · percussion

Qongqothwane (The Click Song)-Traditional



Kaïssa-Looking There

Maciek Schejbal
producer · drummer